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occult bodyguards2

Occult Bodyguards - We Got Your Back!

24 March 2015

Celebrities, politicians, dignitaries, VIPs, and royalty all have one thing in common other than distinguished bank accounts. All of them rely on bodyguards for their personal safety. In Bad II the Bone Spokes hires the buxom trio for not only physical but metaphysical protection. The Darkman’s powe... Read More
Pay the cost3

Pay the Cost, to be the Boss

13 March 2015

If you’re not Patra then you have to make your own luck and Y is good at that. In Bad II the Bone , we meet her in the midst of making her dreams a reality, just before it backfires in her face thanks to a no-good fool of an ex-boyfriend. Y’s instincts are always to bounce back when adversity hits... Read More
The Dynamic Duo1

The Dynamic Duo - Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington

1 March 2015

What if - Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington kept working together into the future to produce graphic novel or speculative fiction properties with a street edge. I'm salivating at the prospect because this is a scenario that is not just a figment of my imagination but something that is a distinct ... Read More

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