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Dear Diary from Yvonne Sinclair aka Y

The one thing people really agree on is that love, no matter what form it comes in, hurts.
There’s no denying that pain goes hand in hand with pleasure. I know that to be a fact and any
good martial arts instructor will tell you, that it’s not the strike that hurts you, it’s the fear of the
pain, because nothing is ever as bad as you imagine it to be. This is a word of advice that I carry
with me everywhere I go. No matter how many things get flipped upside down, it will never be as
bad as I think it is.

The thing is I have a knack for thinking up the most heinous of possibilities.

One of the bravest things a woman can do is open her heart to a complete stranger and
let him into her world. It’s not a business equation. There’s no cost-benefit analysis, where you
both whip out your calculators and compare notes on what the other person can do for you. Love
is unyielding sacrifice and blessing all wrapped into one.

I mean, yeah, there’s red flags that a girl gotta keep her eyes open for, no doubt, but
we’re human and everybody makes mistakes. I try not to hold people’s pasts against them. We
are reborn everyday with new ideas and fresh outlooks bred from the days that came before and
for some men to truly bloom, they have to be given a chance.

It seems smart to protect your heart, but it’s also cold and lonely. Your girls and family
can only fill in so many of the holes in your life. Eventually you will want that special bond that can
only be formed between two lovers and you’ll have to expose your heart and soul.
I try really hard to think about all of the good memories I have, because we all know how
easy it is to only see the bad. For some reason the bad memories are more vivid and quick to be
recalled. You can’t dwell on it though. Bad memories will eat you alive if you let them.

I’ve learned that time heals all wounds as hard as that is to believe while you’re in the
middle of hurting. You can’t be afraid to love and in a lot of cases, you definitely can’t be afraid to
be loved. But just like anything else, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Will I open my
heart again after Tyrone, of course I will. This time I will consider the new world I’ve been introduced
to with my sisters in Bad II the Bone. Make some supernatural enquires before I make the plunge 
and even then there is no certainty. 

I Just know that for everyone there is someone out there. Seven billion people on
this planet. You can’t let one or two bad experiences turn you off from an entire world of


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