Fight Like a Girl

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Ain’t nothing quite like a bad gyal with a blade. What you gonna do with two? The swords the
ladies of Bad II the Bone use are drenched in rich history and tradition. This is where East meets
West and with Patra not the one to be left out, she brings her own devastation with decorated

Hudiedao: Butterfly Swords

Finding herself in danger without a weapon, Suzy, wishes for her butterfly swords. Butterfly
swords are stout bladed, short swords with thick hilts that are used in several Chinese martial
arts including Shaolin and Wing Chun. The twin blades first appeared in the 19th century and are
usually carried within the same scabbard. Modern butterfly swords are broader than their
predecessors which ended more in a point and looked less like a cleaver. Their shortness
makes them efficient for speed and close combat.

Bad II the Bone will be relying on them in the future 

From Masamune’s Gifted Hands: The Katana

With her beauty, grace, swiftness and agility, it is only fitting that Y carries a katana forged by
Masamune’s hands (c.1264–1343 AD). Masamune’s blades are renowned for their gorgeous
craftsmanship and quality in a time when steel was wrought with impurities. Not prone to
showing off, Y practices with one of only seven legendary swords to keep it tempered with
combat and hone her Kendo skills. As modest as she may be, Y is as sharp and deadly as her
blade. She also has a Wakizashi, the shorter companion to the katana, a blade that is also
steeped in a long history. Together, the wielder of these swords are prepared for swift close battle
or for combat that requires a little more reach. Add her special gifts to the mix and she is formidable.

Hand-to-hand Combat: Gold Knuckle Dusters

Patra may not swing a sword, but she is ready and able to throw hands. Trained in the deadly
martial art of Muay Thai, this female boxer likes to get up close and personal. Knuckle dusters, or
brass knuckles as they are called in some parts of the world are designed to bring maximum
carnage to the poor sucker on the business side of this woman’s fists. Muay Thai, a kickboxing
martial art that was initially used in military training during the 16th century has been called the
“Art of Eight Limbs” due to its use of not only hands and feet, but knee and elbow strikes. Times
have changed and so has a lot of the style, but that doesn’t make modern Thai boxing any less
lethal. Patra is proof of that.


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