The Tim Ferriss Experiment


I am a fan of this man and as much as I'd like to keep his magnificent understanding of deconstructing world class performance to myself, its much too late. My best kept secret is an international star and damn it, I could do nothing to stop it. Tim Ferris is a phenom who uses tools and strategies that the everyman can apply to achieve results you would believe to be impossible. That's why, he is loved and respected by hundreds of thousand of others like me  and deservedly so.

I don't say this about a lot of people but it is very difficult to classify this breddah. He's a scholar, an Angel Investor, start up entrepreneur, bestselling author, linguist, world record holder, lecturer. podcaster, martial artist, teacher and so much more. He asked me - and a hundred thousand other fans -  to help promote his new Web Series The Tim Ferriss Experiment and for all that he's given to me in knowledge, inspiration and value it was a pleasure to help.

If you are new to Tim Ferriss then his 13 episode series will be a fantastic introduction to the man and the myth. The content is a treat in itself but as always Tim has included some creatively crazy giveaways for season pass holders that you can become

You are in for a quite a ride. Don't miss it.

Check him out at:






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